LillyLover (kathrynas) wrote in lilly_pulitzer,

So what's on everyone's wishlist? I just told my mom I definitly want some ls polos and pretty much anything and everything in the store I would be happy with! Lilly is just that one brand where I like EVERYTHING. No Lilly gift could dissapoint me!

I also just got some really cute Lilly capri's off ebay for $7.99, so that's my excitement this week! Of course I won't be able to wear them for a while, or maybe I can if the weather here keeps staying unseasonably warm. Or if they're long enough, they could get tucked into boots, maybe.

Does anyone have any bedding? I was thinking about getting a set in Perfectly Patched or Paradise Patch. Input?

I am in loveeee with Bright Navy South Lake and I'm pretty sure I'm going to need everything in it lol. What are everyone else's favorite resort patterns?
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